Tennis Instruction

The Country Club of Fairfax Tennis Center offers private and group lessons throughout the year. Members receive the E-newsletter distributed each month, written by Director of Tennis, Steve Gallagher, that includes instructional tips, calendar events, and articles of interest. 

The Club sponsors an ongoing series of promotional and special theme clinics, featuring instruction on groundstroke consistency, dynamic footwork, net play and more. We also offer Total Tennis Training Weekend Clinics.

Ongoing programs for adults include Beat the Pro, an eight-week program with three players of compatible level and one pro, Learn to Play Tennis, four 90-minute group lessons where players learn basic skills, how to keep score and how to have fun on the course, and Ultimate Tennis Workout, an authorized Cardio Tennis program featuring on-court drills and games specifically designed to improve racquet and footwork skills and tennis-specific fitness. Members also have the opportunity to improve skills through video analysis and participation in weekend camps.